Temporalities Ministry

  1. Purpose
    • Ministry that provides vital social services and other developmental projects essential in promoting the well-being of the churchgoers, particularly the poor sector of the society.

  2. Functions & Responsibilities
    • Initiates social service programs for poor sector of the society and the Shrine’s churchgoers.
    • Prioritizes and schedules social services & other developmental projects in the Shrine community to uplift the well-being of the churchgoers.
    • Establishes network and linkages with service related institutions, agencies, civic and religious organizations.
    • Organizes and taps support services for the efficient implementation of the Shrine’s projects/activities.
    • Supports the physical needs of the Shrine and its activities.

  3. Composition
    • A chairperson appointed by Shrine Rector and 5 members ideally the coordinators of each Shrine organization:
      • Special Ministers of the Holy Communion
      • Lectors & Commentators Guild
      • Ladies of the Altar
      • Servants of the Altar
      • Music Ministry & others that the Office of the Rector appoints.

  4. Term of Office
    • One year subject to renewal and unless the Office of the Rector does otherwise.

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