Having Less That Others May Have More

By: Fr. Cris Robert Cellan, SSP

Unprecedented since the Spanish Flu in 1912, we enter the Lenten season this year with the pandemic backdrop but looking forward to overcome this great trial as guaranteed by the glory of Christ’s resurrection.  Amidst this difficulty, we resolutely set out to exercise the indispensable aspects of our Lenten observances: prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Starting the Year 2021 Right

by Fr. Cris Robert Cellan, SSP

The year 2020 had been a horrible year. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us to our knees imploring God to heal our land. Indeed, stripped of everything we are nothing. We’ve learned the painful way that we cannot put our security in our wealth, prestige or power. We have to be responsible stewards—taking care of our common home and natural resources.

Spreading the Gospel online in real time

by Fr. Cris Robert Cellan, SSP

Oftentimes, parents complain to me that they are at a loss on how to deal with their millennial children. And I told them, wait until you encounter the Gen Z-ers and the Generation Alpha who are digital natives. Gen Z-ers are those who are 15 to 24 years old while the Alphas are those born after 2010. Surely, parents have to step up double time to deal with them.