Rector’s Council

Meet the different ministries who help the Shrine Rector in implementing various pastoral and non-liturgical programs for the community

The Rector’s Council is comprised of the Shrine Rector and some volunteers who are tasked to think of and lead liturgical and non-liturgical projects which address the needs of the Shrine and the community. Chosen by the Shrine Rector himself, the Council is composed of leaders for the following ministries: Worship, Education, Service, Temporalities, Youth, Information and Secretariat.

RC-Thuimb-WorshipWorship Ministry

Ministry that provides meaningful celebrations of liturgical and para-liturgical activities, public devotion and Church music relevant in deepening of the faith of the churchgoers.

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RC-Thuimb-EducationEducation Ministry

Ministry that develops among churchgoers and volunteers a deeper awareness and understanding of Christian faith through the Holy Scriptures, Catholic Doctrines and Christian formation seminars.

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RC-Thuimb-ServiceService Ministry

Ministry that provides vital social services and other developmental projects essential in promoting the well-being of the churchgoers, particularly the poor sector of the society.

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RC-Thuimb-TempoTemporalities Ministry

Ministry that supports the temporal needs of the Shrine to provide for its pastoral activities, programs, and other Church’s needs.

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RC-Thuimb-YouthYouth Ministry

Ministry that promotes the creation of a forum on youth and systematically supports all activities intended for the youth by the Archdiocese of Manila and the Shrine.

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RC-Thuimb-InfoInformation & Communications Ministry

Ministry that serves as a channel of communication to the community through information dissemination regarding the Shrine’s general info, projects and activities.

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RC-Thuimb-SECCouncil Secretary

Council member that documents in writing all the proceedings of the Rector Council’s regular and special meetings.

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RC-Thuimb-OfficersOrganization Officers

Meet the officers of the different volunteer organizations of the Shrine of Jesus.

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