Council Secretary

  1. Purpose
    • Council member that documents in writing all the proceedings of the Rector Council’s regular and special meetings.
    • He/She notifies Rector’s Council members on forthcoming meetings in coordination with Shrine Rector.

  2. Functions & Responsibilities
    • Implements a proper system of documentation for the council’s attendance, minutes of the meetings, project proposals, evaluation of every activity & programs and other pertinent items.
    • Implements an effective system of communication channel to bridge in the specifics and details of individuals and group relationships particularly of Rector’s Council and of Shrine Organizations.
    • Keeps a profile/directory of all the council members and all the Shrine Volunteers and updates it from time to time.
    • Monitors the effectiveness of each project based on schedule and timeline provided.
    • Develops guidelines in ensuring effective implementation of activities and projects.
    • Reviews and evaluates actions based on performance standards.
    • Identifies corrective measures in improving the program.

  3. Composition
    • A chairperson appointed by the Shrine Rector.
    • An Assistant Secretary may be appointed by the Shrine Rector if the need arises.

  4. Term of Office
    • One year subject to renewal and unless the Office of the Rector does otherwise.

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